Tipsy Tales with Nupsie
presents the Fab Collab Interview with the three brewmasters!

This unique collaboration was fab in many ways; two super Brewmasters, the experimental Sumiran, from Toit and the innovative Chinsi from Bombay Duck Brewing each joined hands with the inventive brewmaster Nakul from Great State Aleworks brews in a unique team up at DIVE , the rooftop Beer Speak easy bar of Great State Aleworks where they showcased their latest offerings!

I had the opportunity to cheer two scintillating brews that were offered at this rare tasting!! SHADY BUSINESS , a stout brewed by Chinsi and Nakul mesmerised the palette with a rather unconventional ingredient for a stout… custard apple flavours!

The DEAL MAKER was true to its statement named as Bajra merged with amber malt! This Bajra Amber Ale was brewed by Sumiran & Nakul.

This memorable tasting left behind some unusual flavours on the palette and a lingering story of three passionate brewmasters!

Watch the video for the full experience! For all those looking for a fresh bubble from the beer space, come discover these two exciting brews and possibly enjoy a chat with the brewmasters who are always passionate to share their stories.

Cheers from Nupsie!🍻