We are a team of fantastic writers, editors, and youngsters at heart, who are driven by the passion for spreading positivity around the world. Get to know our core team that has been helping Urbanly to spread!


A quintessential Pune boy with quintessential Puneri characteristics! Alok is a content innovator with a career in content marketing since 2013. When at the office, you’ll find him feeding the guests his favorite food! Also, he believes he makes good coffee, and yes he does!


An architect, interior designer, and stylist by passion and profession. Anuja is constantly on the lookout for creative stuff. She loves to redesign and redecorate houses to make them dream homes. But wait, there’s more – she’s a trained Bharatnatyam dancer too!

Urbanly Journalists

Some eat to live. Some live to eat. Ankita definitely falls in the second category. If her biography were ever to be written, it would be titled ‘Born to Eat’. Ankita’s life journey can be perfectly summed up with the statement – From a Business Analyst to a Food Analyst.

A hardcore PR manager and an energetic Master of Ceremonies. Hosting large corporate events as well as big fat Indian weddings all around Asia, Nitish does it all. He designs interactive & engaging sessions and delivers plants and planters to the nature-lovers. With a highly enthusiastic personality and excellent communication skills, Nitish always keeps the entertainment quotient rolling.

Mixologist and a Bar & Beverage Consultant. Nupur likes to consider herself as a professional dabbler who cherishes life’s flavours through a multi-sensorial spectrum. She believes that food & beverages engage all senses abundantly; the more you immerse the more enriching the experience!

A nutritionist, author, speaker, and entrepreneur with over 20 years in the field. She has completed her bachelor’s in Food science and quality control and master’s in food science and nutrition, with additional qualifications as a nutrigenomic counselor and a gut microbiome specialist. Avantii has worked all the vercials of food science and nutrition. As a food technologist she has worked in the food industry for 10 years followed by a faculty member in various nutrition and food tech colleges. currently, she has a private practice as consultant nutritionist and specialises in PCOS, diabetes and gut health . She also provides a wide range of services in the field of corporate wellness, recipe, menu analysis and product development.

Freelance journalist/ fixer/ line producer working out of Pune/Mumbai. ‘happy go lucky’ kind of gal!! love movies , books, languages and of course food…

A writer with a passion about environmental issues. Rashi is someone who stands at the nexus of communications and sustainability. She teaches people about low impact living at She is a waterbaby and loves the outdoors and meeting people from different cultures. Walking her dog is one thing she does during the day that destresses her.

Hello! I am a mechanical engineer who knows a thing or two about films. I have been writing about cinema for the past 5 years and I aspire to become a filmmaker myself soon kyuki Picture abhi baaki hai mere dost!!!
Neha Tyagi is a professional Voice-Over Artist ,Theatre Enthusiast and an Avid Traveller. If you love food, travelling , films and books, you’ll get along just fine with her.
Also she loves cute things😄