‘Abhi toh party shuru hui hai!’

After a rather challenging year, this year seems to have begun on a great note. The F&B industry is one of those that has taken a huge beating due to the Pandemic. There are some outlets which are yet to open whilst some opened on the first day of allowance and haven’t looked back.
Needless to mention the overheads of this industry are very high and the perishables are higher. Every empty chair accounts for the overheads to become even more challenging.

With all of this happening, on Thursday 11th February, Vikram Kumar (Municipal Commissioner) granted permission to restaurants and bars to stay open till  1am. This comes as a great respite to the industry that is anyways currently getting back on its feet.

Tony Sachdev, the owner of 11 East Street Cafe, said that this would give  the diners an option to stay out till late. ‘There are so many guests that have been stating the need to find a break from working from home and this would give them an opportunity to schedule their outings better.’

‘We are open at Koregaon Park till 1am & Will be launching a new outlet in Kharadi in March where we will go with 1am as well’ says Praful Chandawarkar, Founder and MD, Chiranjeev restaurants and foods Pvt Ltd – the parent company of Malaka Spice group of Restaurants.
Hence, the party must go on. Let the spirit not fade. Continue the revelry.

The government has allowed us to stay happy for extended hours. Let’s make the most of it.