Get ready to experience NIBM’s first boho cafe, Qehhwa! The latest cozy cafe in NIBM, residents of NIBM have already made this cafe their go-to spot. Opened barely a month ago, this cafe is the only one in NIBM to have a chic-boho vibe. Moreover, from comfortable seating to quick bites, you name it, and Qehhwa has it.

As I reached Qehhwa, I was charmed by its quaint yet conveniently accessible location. Open till almost midnight, this cafe is the perfect place for patrons in NIBM. Furthermore, whether you wish to find a cosy nook or a fun new hangout spot for friends and family, Qehhwa is for all.

The first step into Qehhwa 

The first impression of Qehhwa Café is one of warmth and openness. The entrance, with its inviting setup, welcomes you into a space that feels modern and cozy. As you enter, you’ll be greeted by a counter showcasing the most tempting desserts, with fun games placed on top for an added touch of enjoyment.

Apart from being greeted by friendly staff, you will see the staff members all interact with each other as a fun community. With a relaxing playlist in the background, one can sit in their outdoor seating area and enjoy a smoke with some coffee and quick bites. The cafe offers an outdoor seating area and an air-conditioned and visually aesthetic indoor seating area.

The aesthetic of Qehhwa

Qehhwa is a visual and sensory retreat. Moreover, the walls are adorned with handmade murals, a burst of colours that complement the muted earthy tones of the décor. Additionally, the wall of sticky notes allows customers to leave their mark. Moreover, this contributes to a sense of community and interaction that patrons are loving.

Additionally, the string lights and pendant lamps create a soft, ambient glow that enhances the café’s cosy vibe (trust me, I sat here for hours after my coverage). Qehhwa Café’s interiors are a blend of rustic elements with modern design. The café’s layout is set in such a way that it ensures a sense of privacy without feeling isolated. Furthermore, this makes it a perfect spot for both solitude and socialising.

The quick and comforting bites of Qehhwa 

For those who wish to indulge in a few quick bites while enjoying the cosy vibe of the cafe, we recommend some items from their carefully curated menu. Here, we tried their BBQ chicken sandwich, Blue Coraco, and Veg Exotica pizza.

Their Blue Coraco is a refreshing and fizzy drink, perfect for when the heat gets the best of you. Their vegetarian exotica pizza has a beautiful crust topped with flavours from fresh vegetables. Moreover, their barbecue sandwich was my personal favorite. With a unique twist on the classic, it’s perfect for those who crave a spicy kick in their palate.

I had a wonderful chat with the owner, whom patrons will often find taking orders or helping out in the kitchen. When I asked him about the experience he wishes to provide customers, he said, ‘I want them to enjoy themselves without any tension and play games with family or friends.’ Wishing to give customers the best of the best, the cafe aims to let customers enjoy the space without many restrictions. From its eclectic interiors to its cosy ambiance, the café offers a perfect blend of comfort, style, and creativity.

To experience NIBM’s first boho cafe, Qehhwa

Address: Yeshraj Shop NO.1, Sr No 18/5/2 PL, NIBM Rd, B, Kondhwa, Pune

Contact: 7020193085

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