Punekars beloved bakery, The Walnut Tree is now the latest cafe in Koregaon Park. If the name sounds familiar to you, it’s because of their 16 year old legacy! Less than a year after expanding from their Poona Clubhouse branch, The Walnut Tree has arrived in KP. Moreover, now everyone can indulge in their mind-blowingly delicious baked and savory goods, which were previously exclusive to The Poona Clubhouse.

The Walnut Tree is renowned for their classic recipes that have been tried, tasted, and trusted by patrons all over Pune. Additionally, the cafe offers a tempting array of baked and savory treats, all crafted in-house from scratch using family recipes. While the new KP branch delights with its delicious continental cuisine exclusive to this branch, patrons still flock to enjoy the classic dishes in the cozy, revamped ambiance. 

My experience at The Walnut Tree 

As I entered, the delightful staff welcomed me and eagerly chatted about the menu and their top recommendations. With its refreshing interiors, one simply has to turn their frown upside down as soon as they step into the cafe. Moreover, the cozy and aesthetic ambiance instantly lifts your spirits and makes you feel right at home. 

Furthermore, while the cafe is located in the bustling area of KP, one can expect a relaxing time here with some peace and quiet. I recommend visiting during brunch or early evening to fully savour the warm atmosphere and the amazing baked and savoury treats they offer. Simply put, this is the cutest cafe in KP, and I’m quickly becoming a regular (especially for their hot chocolate). 

The classic taste of The Walnut Tree at KP

The KP branch offers an exclusive range of delectable treats with a menu featuring dishes only available at this location. We tried and highly recommend their loaded hot dog, chocolate decadence, and their hot chocolate.

The Loaded Hot dog

 The loaded hot dog, a twist on their classic, has become a favorite among Pune’s youth, many of whom grew up on the original. With homemade buns and sauces, this flavor-packed creation keeps patrons coming back for more.

The Hot Chocolate

The hot chocolate is silky and creamy to its core. Presented beautifully with garnished chocolate shavings, the hot chocolate simply feels like a warm hug. Their hot chocolate is the perfect piping hot beverage for the monsoon season.

Chocolate Decadence

Their latest addition to their baked good, chocolate decadence melts in your mouth. Beautifully presented, the slivers of chocolate in the pastry add a delightful crunch. The fresh sponge cake layers inside provide a perfect balance of texture and taste.

Adding their own personal touch to their recipes and service, The Walnut Tree can truly be summed up in three words, a positive vibe. The trust the community has in this establishment is clearly evident with them already approaching the end of a successful year. 

Address: Zeenat Cooperative Society, A Lane Koregaon Park, O HOTEL LANE, Apartments, Pune

Contact: 091450 00980

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