Pinnacle Industries, a Pune based firm having its manufacturing in Madhya Pradesh, has just launched probably the most compact ambulance! Using Toyota Innova, this India’s Largest Commercial Vehicle Seating and Interior Company has developed a well-equipped ambulance.

Due to its compact size, it is easier for the ambulance driver to swift through the dense traffic on urban Indian streets. Pinnacle Industries being a trusted brand for generations, their Innova Ambulance’s compact dimensions enable easy manoeuvrability on roads, resulting in the timely movement of patients requiring emergency care and also making it a revolutionary solution for organ transportation.

Dr. Sudhir Mehta, CMD of the Pinnacle Industries tweeted, “The new range of @pinnacle_ind compact #ambulances on the Toyota Innova platform. Our Advanced ergonomically designed B-Type Ambulances can not only access more congested areas but also provide ample space, safety and comfort for the patients and the attendants.”

The pictures of the newly designed Innova Ambulance were officially tweeted by the company today morning. We totally can confidently say that the company has solved on of the most crucial problems of the Indian medical industry.