She entered this profession when term nutrition or diet was not even heard of commonly. Today, she is a leading nutritionist in Pune with her name among Top 10 nutritionist in India! (source: Khaleej Times) Meet Avanti Deshpande, a pioneering name in the field of diet and nutrition, who has recently celebrated 10,000+ clients.

To celebrate this milestone and to give back to the society, Avanti is offering all her new and old clients a whopping discount of Rs. 6,000/- on her 3 months signature program. This celebratory discount is valid only if you register until 10th December. All you have to do is register by calling or WhatsApp on 9987768360!

When a woman like Avanti completes 20 years in this field and achieves this kind of a milestone, it is truly a celebratory moment! Avanti’s career of two decades involves consulting actors, entrepreneurs, athletes and even doctors. She has opened a new line of thought for people wanting to be fit, over last 20+ years!

Avanti Deshpande’s various programs have helped thousands of patients to control or overcome PCOS, Gut Issues, Diabetes, Hypo Thyroids, Obesity, etc. Over these years, patients have also realized the importance of diet along with medicine; thanks to Avanti’s untiring efforts! The importance of managing diet and designing nutritional intake has increased due to lifestyle and environmental issues. Avanti also has changed her methods and consultations over the years to tackle such popping issues.

One can also avail the benefits of her Smart Pregnancy Diet or Sports Specific Nutrition or even something as basic as Weight Gain or Weight Loss Programs. She has worked extensively with fashion models to help them achieve a certain level of fitness and not lose the balance. She has been associated with the popular Abs Fitness Centers operated by the celebrated fitness personality Abhimanyu Sable! All these achievements are various milestones of Avanti’s fantastic career.

Today, she has crossed the mark of 10,000+ clients and she is still doing newer things. One such new addition is her own line of products like organic flours, ready to cook items, organic oil, etc.

For those who have been wanting a serious turnaround for their health and fitness, this is the time. Pune’s pioneering nutritionist is giving a whopping discount of Rs. 6,000/- on her 3-month program. Enroll today and get the benefit. All you have to do is register by calling or WhatsApp on 9987768360.

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