About the series मशाल:
Brought to you by ‘Urbanly‘ & ‘1993 A Salon Company‘.
It is important to celebrate the success of women! Especially during a time like this when women are going out there and conquering new heights everyday! This series aims at exploring the success stories of women achievers and celebrating those stories on the occasion of Navratri.
All interviews conducted by noted & young actor, Siddharth Chandekar.
About Sai Tamhankar:
She landed into her field, unplanned and unaware but today she is one of most successful actors in the industry.
Sai Tamhankar, hails from Sangli and has made her mark in both Hindi (Bollywood) and Marathi cinema with films like Hunterr, Duniyadari, Shashi Deodhar and her most recent Netflix debut, Mimi.
The interview focuses on understanding her as an actor and a person who is strongly rooted in her culture and values.