We have seen a lot of stores in Pune that sell Chikankari suits or kurtas. But rarely do we find a store that sells authentic Chikankari saree! And we have found exactly that. Pakeeza, Pune’s only store that sells authentic Chikankari sarees that too at a very affordable rate.

Founded by Neelu Punn Kale, Pakeeza, captures the essence of the Nawabi craft, Chikankari that originated in Lucknow. The studio located in Karve Nagar aims to celebrate this rich legacy by bringing Lucknow’s finest Chikankari to the people of Pune. Pakeeza has a wide collection of clothing for men, women and even kids. But the most unique feature of Pakeeza is the unique chikankari saree collection, that we rarely get to see.

To maintain the authenticity of  Lucknowi Chikankari, Pakeeza manufactures its products in Lucknow, from the local artisans. Even though they have a wide variety of clothing options, from suits to dupattas, what we liked the most about that store was their chikankari saree collections. You know what makes them even better? The chikankari sarees start from just Rs. 2000/- for basic embroidery and Rs. 5000/- for heavy embroidery.

Pakeeza is a complete heaven for those who love sarees and chikankari. Pakeeza has sarees available in all types of fabrics, from Tussar Silk to Pure Cotton, from Viscose to Georgette, etc. They also offer a huge variety of colour options for you to select from. From pastels to bright, from blacks to Grey, you name the colour and they have it. They also had chikankari embroidery on Lehariya saree and Maharashtra’s famous Kathpadar saree.

Here are some of the interesting embroidery work that they offer on sarees in the Pakeeza Store:

  1. Tepchi: The Tepchi stitch is often referred to as the “running stitch” or “straight stitch,” and it is the simplest and most basic stitch in chikankari embroidery. Despite its simplicity, it plays an important role in creating the mesmerizing patterns that characterize this embroidery style.
  2. Shadow Work: The stitching work is carried out on the rear side of the cloth so that the images appear somewhat dense when looked through the front side. Because of the ‘diagonal criss cross’ stitching style, the images look slight and delicate, and this is again underscored by using slight stitches.
  3. 2  Taar work: “2 Taar” stitch, also known as “Double Thread” stitch, is a classic technique that adds texture and dimension to the fabric. This stitch involves the use of two threads instead of one, resulting in thicker lines and a raised effect. Being one of the most intricate embroidery that requires meticulous work, the 2 Taar sarees are usually ordered on special request.
  4. Badla work: Sarees with badla work feature gold and silver thread-work over delicate fabrics. The process involves carefully weaving these metallic threads into the fabric, creating patterns that catch and reflect light.

Pakeeza Store provides a personalized shopping experience, with trained experts to help you identify the saree that suits you the best. Whether you’re looking for an eye-catching item for a special occasion or want to update your collection of traditional wear, their team will help you discover just what you’re looking for.

We assure you that a visit to the Pakeeza Store is not just a shopping trip; it’s an immersive journey into the world of Chikankari sarees. With its commitment to authenticity, quality, and personalized service, Pakeeza Store offers an amazing shopping experience for those seeking exquisite and unique attire.

Contact: 077559 15311

Website: https://pakeezachikankari.com/

Address: Landmark: Cosmos Bank Lane, Pakeeza – Exclusive Chikankari Studio Bungalow No. 42, Swastishree Society Next to Chinmay Mission, Laxmi Bai, Laxmibai Tole Rd, next to Chinmay Mission, Pune, Maharashtra 411052

Instagram: @pakeeza.chikankari