Gru, the ultimate despicable villain, dreams of joining the team of worlds greatest villains The Vicious 6. With Minions as his henchmen he sets out to achieve his dream.

The 5 year wait is finally over and the cute little yellow minions are back!!! Illumination Animation is pretty hit and miss when it comes to their films but they definitely know how to milk the good stuff out of Minions and The Rise of Gru is no exception.

The colourful animation from the creators at Illumination studios is once again top-notch with plenty of whacky cartoony, over-the-top childish humour, packed with funny characters in a second prequel on their background persona’s before the main Despicable Me movies came into place. However, the plot seemed to have potential in the first act, but then as the film continues it was starting to get too predictable and tiresome.

I can imagine kids would go bananas over it, but for the adults they might not find it as touching as some of its predecessors. It was fun at first, but now it’s meh. The soundtrack is one of the best in recent times. The killer soundtrack just hyped up the movie to another level. The star studded voice cast with the likes of Steve Carrell and Michelle Yeoh is at their mesmerising best.

With a killer 70s soundtrack, a devious band of supervillains, and Michelle Yeoh teaching Kung Fu, what more could you want from a Minions movie?
It is Bananasssssss!!!

⭐ ⭐ ⭐ 1/2

Movie Review by Saurav Mahind